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BACCOT Training for 50 Women Offers Skills-Acquisition and Encouragement Despite Security Challenges

All glory and honor to the Almighty God for allowing us to conduct the training despite the security challenges in most of our communities. On Thursday, the 4th of July, seventeen refugees from the Anglophone region of Cameroon attended the skill acquisition training. These women were displaced by the ongoing civil unrest in the Republic of Cameroon. They moved over to Nigeria with the hope of meeting their basic needs. Unfortunately, the situation in Northern Nigeria is any better.  The training started with an exhortation from the Scriptures and words of encouragement. Our participants were trained to make hair cream, air freshener, and disinfectant. At the end of the training, participants received a pack of each of the materials as part of startup capital.  With this training, we have successfully met the target of providing skill acquisition for 50 women. Here's a breakdown of the entire training: 1. February 8th -9th. Vegetable farming (15 participants) 2. April 1…

Update: Women Empowerment Training II

All glory to the King eternal, the immortal God who has given us the grace to be of help to our displaced sisters and mothers from Southern Cameroon.

For quite a while now the agitation for self-rule by the Anglophone region of Cameroon has brought untold hardship to the people especially women and children. 23 of these women who are currently taking refuge in Gembu, my former mission were brought together to learn the skill of soap making and petroleum jelly and most importantly, given materials to jump-start their business.
With this training and the one of February, we have empowered 38 women. We have 12 more women to empower so as to hit our 50 women mark for this project.  These women would continue to make and sell their products while in Nigeria. There's no way I could have been of any use to them without your generous giving and prayers.
PRAYER POINTS/THANKSGIVING i. Join us thank God for making the two batches of 2019 training possible ii. Ask God to give us rai…

Vegetable Farming Update and Training for Women

The good news: we had 15 women trained on how to grow various types of local vegetables. As part of sustainability, each person was given fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide, seeds, and container.  The training commenced with words of exhortation from Rev. Chigia our field officer. Thereafter, we had some interactions on the benefits of growing vegetables with an emphasis on sustainability. Our training ended up with farm practicals. Of particular interest was a 17-year-old mother. Judith dropped out of school after she discovered she was pregnant at 15 plus. Unfortunately, the boy who was responsible for the pregnancy abandoned Judith and her aged grandmother without any help. Judith started doing some menial jobs to care for herself, grandmother and son (Destiny) who is now a year and 10 months old. Judith told us of her desire to sell snakes. God willing, Judith will come and stay at our home for some days. Helen and I will counsel and disciple her. And most important…

Current Project Plan and Schedule for 2019

Project Schedule for 2019:
a. Sensitization and mobilization for training: About 1st week of March 2019
b. Identification and selection process: 3 rd week of March 2019
c. Batch 1 training: 2nd week of September 2019
d. Batch 2 training: 2nd week of October 2019
e. Batch 3 training: 2nd week of November 2019

Happy Thanksgiving Harvest for BACCOT!

Join us thank God for the bumper harvest. Our internet connection is not quite strong to take many pictures at a time. Be expecting more pictures as I  will be sending them in batches. Thank you for helping to provide food for our internally displaced brethren. The goal is to help them HELP themselves sustainably. We're getting there by his grace. Click this link to watch a harvest video and see photos below to celebrate with BACCOT!

Update! Harvest is here!

God is so good. We will start picking the corn by end of September. Please continue to pray with for peaceful harvest. Thank you for helping our internally displaced brethren grow their food.

Update: Farm Pictures!

I write to express my deepest appreciation for your support towards the farm project.

Below recent pictures of the corn we planted in May. Indeed we can see God's blessings already.
Thought for the day:  2Kings 7:9 Around this time, four lepers are outside the city gate pondering their future. A future with no friends, families, and a community of their own. A long future bedevilled with leprosy. A future without hope:  If they went into the city, they would starve.If they stay at the gate they will starve.If they go to the Syrians (Arameans) they may still be killed.They must choose between multiple bad choices:But, they feel compelled to do something: They choose the unknown over certain deathThis story is reminiscent of my brothers and sister from North East Nigeria. They have lost everything including their ancestral farmland. They choose the unknown over certain death. Their choice was powered by your generous financial donation.
Prayer request: Divine protection as we go to the fa…