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Followup and Evaluation Report


Within the period under review, five families were visited to evaluate
the outcome and impact of our training on participants. Two of these
families were able to construct and use the Rocket stove. The
interesting thing about it was their ability to build the stove
without much technical faults. In one of the families, I found three
children making fire in the stove. This impresses me for the fact that
even kids could operate the stove. Two of the other three could not
make their bricks for stove because of the rainfall. They shared with
me their intention to make the bricks as soon as the rains are over.
In the last family I could not find the parents at home. This is
partly my fault because I wanted the visit to be an on the spot one
without an elaborate notification. This approach allow me see things
in their natural setting.

Other participants in this community were encouraged to start making
bricks as early as possible so as to build their own stove.
 I have come to realize the import…