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Current Project for Bannah

Most recent update from Nigeria!

I write to share with you of a privilege i had to conduct a mission survey at Gambon, northeast Nigeria. I first heard about this rural community nearly  two months ago. From human point of view there was no reason for me to make the trip. First I had never been to Gambon before. I don't know anyone there. I was only given someone's name who live around there. There is no mobile network coverage in Gambon. Despite all the odds somehow I had a deep conviction God wanted me to carry out the survey. And I also knew someone like you will be praying. 

So, I departed home on October the 29th after praying together with my family. I boarded a commercial vehicle from Jalingo the capital of Taraba State at about 8am and arrived Bali about noon. Hired another vehicle and got to Gayam border 2 hours later. Gayam was the terminus for vehicles. I hired a motorcycle to bring me to the river side where I will have to wait for wooden canoe to come from the other side. From this site of the riv…