Good News for the Project + Raphael in the states in 2018 at SIFAT's Learn & Serve Summer Program

Raphael: I have received official confirmation from SIFAT for the 2018 Summer work with [Learn & Serve].  Secondly, the project committee chair [at SIFAT] has written to assure me that they have reviewed the small business proposal for women and that it will be approved. 
All of the land projects both 1 and 2 have been covered. I will keep you posted as events unfold.

SIFAT, Raphael, Jarred Griffin and so many others have worked together to raise funds for Raphael's current land project in Taraba State, Nigeria.  This project is explained in the video below.  With all that is going on in the world, it is a good thing to invest in projects that are bringing good news of health and wellness, peace and sharing God's love in practical ways through the work of people like Raphael and organizations like SIFAT.

If you are looking to donate for something that has potential for tax write-off at the end of the year, consider donating to Raphael's work through SIFAT (tax-deductible).  You can give money for his family's personal needs through the website, which goes straight to him and is not tax-deductible.  If you are looking to find a pastor doing work that is more than just preaching at people, which seeks to bring healing through a practical thing like a farm with multiple families, then read about what Raphael is doing in Nigeria.  This will come as an encouragement to you and will hopefully inspire you to hope in the good things humans are capable of:

You can contact Raphael through the website, as well!
Raphael Explains BACCOT's Current Land Project ( from Partner Peope Productions on Vimeo.


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