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Partner with Raphael, SIFAT, and BACCOT for Small-Business and Skill-Acquisition Training for Internally Displaced Women in N.E. Nigeria - Goal: $7,000 + Sustainable Development

I'm excited to announce that Raphael is working through BACCOT (Bannah Center for Community Transformation) and with SIFAT on micro-enterprise training with women in Northeast Nigeria. I (Becca) will be helping with this campaign toward $7,000 for skill-acquisition and small business training that will pay off in the start of small businesses for women in Nigeria with whom BACCOT has been working.

Please take some time to read about the proposed project below, learn a little something about Raphael's brilliant success stories and projects, and consider partnering with me and others to support such good work in our world!  You can make tax-deductible donations for this project through SIFAT.  Make sure your donation is designated to "Raphael-Nigeria Project."

Current Project from BACCOT with Raphael in N.E. Nigeria: This proposal aims at providing training for 50 most vulnerable internally displaced women in north eastern region of Nigeria. The proposed project will co…