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Update: Farm Pictures!

I write to express my deepest appreciation for your support towards the farm project.

Below recent pictures of the corn we planted in May. Indeed we can see God's blessings already.
Thought for the day:  2Kings 7:9 Around this time, four lepers are outside the city gate pondering their future. A future with no friends, families, and a community of their own. A long future bedevilled with leprosy. A future without hope:  If they went into the city, they would starve.If they stay at the gate they will starve.If they go to the Syrians (Arameans) they may still be killed.They must choose between multiple bad choices:But, they feel compelled to do something: They choose the unknown over certain deathThis story is reminiscent of my brothers and sister from North East Nigeria. They have lost everything including their ancestral farmland. They choose the unknown over certain death. Their choice was powered by your generous financial donation.
Prayer request: Divine protection as we go to the fa…